Smile Makeovers In Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Do you ever watch a movie or peruse social media and feel dissatisfied with your smile? You’re not alone. Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise as people pursue ways to change the appearance of their teeth to become straighter, whiter, more even, and all-around more appealing.

If you are sick of social media and want your own smile to gleam, consider a smile makeover near you. A smile makeover offered by Talent Dental is a full cosmetic consultation. Our dentist will create a custom treatment plan for you to help you achieve a happier, healthier you.

What Is a Smile Makeover?

Smile makeovers are one of the staples of cosmetic dentistry. The makeover consists of several minor treatments and procedures designed to improve the overall appearance of the teeth without affecting their health or function. This means your smile looks different, but it is still healthy and you can eat and chew like normal.

No two makeovers are the same. At Talent Dental, our dentist customizes each one to suit your needs and desires as an individual. You can choose from the following options at our office:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental bonding
  • Dental bridges
  • Crowns
  • Veneers

In some cases, such as bridging, the treatment can improve overall oral function. Bridging does so by replacing missing teeth and filling in the gaps left in the gums.

Who Can Get One?

Anyone 16 and older is eligible for a smile makeover. Coverage for the cost of treatment will vary depending on what type of insurance you have. Some cosmetic procedures, like teeth whitening, are rarely covered because they are seen as frivolous.

If you are interested in a smile makeover, though, don’t let the cost deter you. Our dentist will sit down with you and discuss your options and what treatments might be viable.

How to Get One

If you are interested in a smile makeover in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, all you need to do is contact our office. Talent Dental will schedule an appointment at your convenience so you can get your consultation and be another step closer to obtaining the smile of your dreams.

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