Root Canal Therapy in Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Relieve Tooth Pain

When your tooth is extensively damaged by decay or trauma, root canal therapy is a conservative procedure that rebuilds dental structure and preserves aesthetics. Since this treatment is more extensive, patients should rely on a trusted professional who’s successfully performed hundreds of root canal therapies. 

Dr. Matta Botrous has extensive experience with root canal treatment and does all he can to provide absolute comfort throughout your visit. Talent Dental offers root canal treatment in Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, and Claremont, eliminating dental pain and restoring your bite.

Standard of Excellence at Talent Dental

Dr. Botrous understands the unique difficulties patients face when decay or damage has reached the inner parts of a tooth. Patients experience discomfort and may not be able to speak or bite properly. When patients visit our practice for assistance, our compassionate team gently diagnoses the cause of your dental issue and prescribes a treatment plan to renew function and comfort.

From planning to restoration, Dr. Botrous takes care of every step. By keeping patients informed, they know exactly what to expect throughout treatment. Our dentist cares for patients’ overall well-being and wishes to improve their quality of life with ever-lasting root canal treatments and crowns.

What’s Involved in a Root Canal Treatment?

After Dr. Botrous has located the tooth or teeth causing the issues, you are scheduled for an appointment. Our dentist ensures a patient’s comfort during the actual root canal procedure by giving them local anesthesia to numb the sites requiring attention. In addition, he encourages patients to ask questions and skillfully approaches their treatment.

External decay is removed, and the inner tooth chamber is carefully accessed. It allows our dentist to remove infected dental pulp, the source of your discomfort. This pulp is cleaned out, and the individual canals are sterilized to eliminate harmful bacteria. Then, the dentist fills the canals with a biocompatible material, supporting enhanced dental strength from the inside out. A temporary cap is then applied while patients await their final crown.

Restoring your Teeth with Porcelain Crowns

Talent Dental uses the latest dental materials for our crowns and restorations. Tooth-colored and stain-resistant porcelain has become the standard option when capping teeth after root canal therapy. Dr. Botrous makes sure every crown securely fits and feels just right for every patient. 

After the final crown is made, Dr. Botrous fastens it on the tooth and adjusting its size or color so it may appear uniform next to surrounding teeth. His eye for detail enables patients to obtain crowns that look and function like natural teeth. With a completed root canal and restoration, Dr. Botrous performs a checkup to make sure patients are happy with their procedure.

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Dr. Botrous is passionate about restoring oral health and beauty and wants to help anyone experiencing decay or pain. Visit or call our practice if you have dental discomfort and want to obtain expert care.

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