Dental Implants in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

If you have missing teeth, you know how different your smile feels from a full, natural one. You can regain nearly the same confidence and stability of a complete set of teeth with dental implants. Dr. Matta Botrous provides dental implant treatment and restoration in Rancho Cucamonga, taking care of all your implant needs. Visit Talent Dental in the Haven Town Center for comprehensive dental work that lasts!

Replacing Missing Teeth from the Root Up

Implants address the underlying issue that traditional prosthetics cannot do on their own. Instead of sitting atop your jaws and using adhesives, suction, or dental anchors to stay in place, implant-supported prosthetics rely on the bone for support.

Surgically installed into the bone, implant posts are designed to replace roots, acting as a new foundation for the smile. Adaptable to any area and both arches, implants give many patients what they’ve been missing: a stable bite and long-lasting use.

With proper care, implants and restorations can last over 25 years, offering the benefits of a complete smile to last a lifetime. Missing teeth are the source of many dental issues, including teeth shifting into the empty gap, bone loss through resorption, and an older facial appearance. Although the placement of implants cannot reverse all of these issues, they certainly slow their progression if placed soon after experiencing tooth loss. If you have lost a tooth or teeth, consider implants as a solution.

Implant Treatment from Talent Dental

Dr. Botrous begins the process by evaluating your smile and crafting a strategy to provide your best chances for success. It may involve preparatory treatments that shore up the bone’s structure, ensuring ample tissue for implants to bond to. When patients are ready, they receive implant posts, are given time to heal, and then have their final restorations attached.

Placement is a simple surgical process completed in the comfort of our dental office near you. Implants are positioned to provide optimal support to an individual or multi-teeth prosthetics. These restorations are made from premium materials that are designed to look like natural teeth. Talent Dental offers the following teeth replacement options:

  • Full Porcelain Crowns
  • Fixed Partials
  • Hybrid Dentures

Tooth replacement options

Functional and Aesthetic Teeth Replacement

Whether you’re missing a single tooth or entire rows of teeth, Dr. Botrous can fashion a treatment plan that suits your needs. The lifelong advantages of this procedure vastly outweigh the cost of dental implants offers to patients. Although not a perfect treatment, implants significantly improve functional ability, including chewing, speaking, and smiling.

To see if this procedure is right for your needs, call or visit Talent Dental. Our Rancho Cucamonga practice offers in-house implant services from our convenient location in Haven Town Center.

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