Dental Crowns In Rancho Cucamonga, CA

With the consumption of sugar and starch-rich foods on the rise, millions of Americans wear dental crowns to protect their teeth from further decay and caries.

Are you thinking of getting a dental crown for your teeth? Talent Dental will be happy to discuss the options and update you regarding procedures and costs of dental crowns. Dental crowns or Tooth crowns are tooth-colored caps that the dentist places on existing teeth to protect them from further damage.

Most dentists will suggest a crown or cap to protect a chipped, cracked, or degraded tooth from weakening further. Since crowns are tooth-colored, they blend in with the rest of your dental arch and improve your appearance. Dental crowns are also ideal restorations that help makeover your smile.

In addition to chipped or cracked teeth, tooth crowns are also a useful solution for:

  • Misshapen teeth (that can take away from your smile)
  • Poorly placed implants or fillings
  • Discolored teeth

They are also a more affordable dental restoration compared to more expensive porcelain veneers. Our trained dentist in Fontana, CA, uses skillful crafting technology to help crowns blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. We specialize in expert dental restorations, and once the procedure is completed, you may even forget that you are wearing a crown.

However, please be aware that repeated cosmetic procedures can traumatize a tooth and wear down the enamel. That is why it’s important to seek the guidance of a qualified dentist in your local area.

Front Teeth Dental Crowns at Talent Dental

Dental crowns are strong and durable and fabricated to last for at least 10 to 15 years. The minimum lifespan of front teeth dental crowns is at least five years. Good oral hygiene, regular brushing, and flossing help extend their lifespan. In fact, with proper care, crowns can even last a lifetime.

It’s good to be aware that crowns may be prone to cavities and fractures (since they cover natural teeth). Brushing and flossing around them help prevent the need for frequent crown replacements.

Contact Talent Dental for further details regarding dental restorations, including veneers and dental crowns near you.

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