Why Would A 5 Year Old Need Dental Surgery?

Why Would A 5 Year Old Need Dental Surgery?

Apr 01, 2023

The thought of your child undergoing an invasive procedure can be overwhelming. The feeling is just much the same for surgery for the body as the oral one. Still, the question remains, is it necessary for a 5-year-old to get dental surgery?

What is an Oral Surgery?

It is a term that describes an operation for the teeth, gums, jaw, and even the surrounding oral and facial structures. It comprises an invasive treatment protocol for cutting open tissues and suturing them together again. The invasiveness of oral surgeries has often caused parents to doubt the necessity of their children’s treatments. However, when you fully understand that some procedures are not possible without oral surgery, you will appreciate its role in pediatric dentistry.

What Types of Dental Surgeries Can Children Get?

Children’s dentists near you can administer different oral surgeries depending on the child’s needs. The common types of oral surgeries for children are:

  1. Tooth extractions – All kids should have their baby teeth extracted in good time. If not, they develop other oral complications like overcrowding. Sometimes the teeth can be difficult to remove without the intervention of a dentist. Even though most children undergo simple extraction procedures, sometimes surgery can be necessary.
  2. Frenectomy – is a dental procedure that addresses a problematic frenulum. The frenulum is a small soft tissue that connects different parts of the oral cavity. For example, the soft tissue beneath the tongue that controls the movements is the frenulum. If it is too loose or too tight, children will have difficulty speaking and eating properly. Although many children undergo this surgery when infants if your 5-year-old did not get it that early, they may need it before they are too old.
  3. Palatal repair surgery – is often done during the formative years of a child. However, further surgeries may be necessary as your child grows older to fully restore the cleft lip and palate.
  4. Exposing impacted teeth – children may need minor surgery to expose non-erupted teeth growing improperly. Dentists do this a lot for canine teeth, which are crucial for the general formation of a child’s smile.
  5. Treatment for dental trauma – oral injuries can cause jaw fractures, deep cuts, wounds, or partially dislodged teeth. These dental injuries may necessitate surgery.

Are the Surgeries Really Necessary?

When your child is 5 years old or younger, it may be a complex matter to understand why they need pediatric oral surgery near them. However, if a dental expert should recommend oral surgery, it must be a very necessary treatment protocol for the preservation of your child’s dental health. Some of the factors that make dental surgeries necessary for children even under five years old are:

  1. Severe tooth decay – if your child has dental cavities that go untreated for a long, they lead to pain and infections that may lead to tooth decay. Severe tooth decay is unsettling for anyone, leave alone children. In such cases, your child needs the intervention of a dentist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, to eliminate the problematic tooth.
  2. Tongue tie – frenulum-related problems can make it hard for children to speak properly.
  3. Dental pain – sometimes, the best way for a dentist to treat pain in your child’s mouth is through surgery.

How Long Does It Take for a Child to Recover from Dental Surgery?

One of the reasons we love working with children for dental surgeries at Talent Dental is that the recovery and healing process is quick. It often takes about two days for a child to recover after dental surgery. It can only take longer if your child has complications with wound healing.

Is Dental Surgery on Children Safe?

Although it can get overwhelming to watch your child undergo dental surgery, it should not be enough reason to withhold them from the treatment. Pediatric dentists assure parents that dental surgeries are safe for children, even those younger than 5 years old. Besides, dentists will employ sedation dentistry and local anesthesia to numb the mouth and keep the child unconscious and calm during the surgery.

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