Why People with Missing Teeth Need Dental Implants

Why People with Missing Teeth Need Dental Implants

Jan 24, 2020

Dental implants are the best treatment for missing teeth. In addition to restoring aesthetics, implants also resolve the health issues related to tooth loss. Many adults are hesitant to undergo implant treatment but do not realize the full benefits the procedure has to offer. Dr. Botrous performs both the placement and restoration of dental implants and is well-versed in restoring smiles with these prosthetics. Patients that choose this procedure enjoy the following benefits:

Preserved Bone Structure

A missing tooth leaves an open space in the jaw. Over time, the surrounding tissue collapses into this space, affecting teeth alignment and bone volume. This creates a weaker jaw, making patients with absent teeth look older than they are and changing their bite alignment. These issues can all be prevented with dental implant placement, especially when performed just after a tooth is lost or extracted.

Implants are made of titanium, a material that bonds to the bone. When placed into a socket, the implant post fills the space left by the former root and fuses to the tissues. This strong and natural foundation is a perfect base for crowns, bridges, and dentures.

A Secure and Natural-Looking Smile

Implant-supported prosthetics look and function more like natural teeth than removable, traditional restorations. The implant supplies more than enough strength for a normal bite. The replacement teeth affixed to implants look like they’re part of the jaw. Even implant dentures, which use highly tooth-colored and aesthetic materials, look most like real teeth.

Patients can enjoy implant restorations for many years without fearing they will fall out. Instead of being held in place by suction and adhesives, these permanent dentures are firmly attached and will not budge unless Dr. Botrous removes them.

Easy Hygiene Care

Caring for implant prosthetics is easy. Patients brush and floss as they would normally, taking extra care to rinse when wearing a denture appliance. During your routine checkups, Dr. Botrous cleans more extensively, protecting the smile from harmful bacteria. Patients can relax and enjoy living with teeth that are as close as possible to real teeth.

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