What Happens If TMJ Disorder Is Left Untreated Among Kids?

What Happens If TMJ Disorder Is Left Untreated Among Kids?

Apr 01, 2022

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is the misalignment of the joints of the jaw, the related muscles, and teeth. It occurs when these elements are under stress. It is a joint disorder that can happen in children of any age, however more prominent in teenage girls. Temporomandibular joint problems spring up due to recent injury to the jaw, bite issues, and constant bruxism. An untreated TMJ disorder could have adverse effects on the dental health and wellbeing of a child. Do you suspect your child has a Temporomandibular Jaw disorder? You can visit dentists in Fontana, Ca. Why is that important?

An untreated TMJ disorder can lead to evident pain and tension of the jaw. Hence, it negatively affects the lives of kids who live with the condition. Moreover, temporomandibular joint disorder gradually destroys the teeth as one of its symptoms is teeth grinding and clenching. Chronic headaches also become the order of the day. The disorder has many complications like lack of constant cortisol levels and insomnia when sleep is affected. It is vital to treat Temporomandibular Joint disorder immediately. The long-term effects can be catastrophic. Dentists in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, will choose therapy options that can deter the worsening of your child’s dental condition. Set appointments with them today.

The Causes Of TMJ In Children.

First, kids that have previously experienced injuries to their face or jaw have the risk of developing a TMJ problem. Kids who have a history of osteoarthritis and bite problems are also at risk of developing joint problems. Some children clench their jaws during sleep. That can contribute to TMJ disorders. It does this because it gradually stresses the temporomandibular joint and leads to problems with the alignment of the bite.

Symptoms of TMD in Children

These include:

  • Difficulty opening or closing the mouth
  • Constant headaches
  • Tinnitus (ringing ears)
  • Jaw pain
  • Jaw swelling
  • Jaw locking

Impact Of TMJ Disorders On The Health When Left Untreated.

TMJ in kids results in jaw locking and discomforts in the facial muscles, neck, ear, and jaw joints. Other children may only feel clicking sounds when they open or close their mouths. Children can also have bruxism in their sleep. Situations like this deprive such youngsters of quality sleeping time. Complications like sleep apnea and nightmares are not uncommon. What happens when children do not sleep well? Their grades suffer.

TMJ can lead to a persistent reduction in the jaw bone and the cartilage. These tissues degenerate due to the stress of fiction. Dentists in Fontana, Ca, also say that this condition could deteriorate to a jaw dislocation. When a child starts having this, the facial structure changes. TMJ affects the muscles for chewing and causes pain around the ear. Minors can develop malnutrition when they are unable to eat. They might need to take fluids and semi-solids alone. That causes imbalances in their nutritional diet. Jaw conditions can also irritate the nerves around the ear leading to tinnitus or hearing problems.

Your child’s teeth will continue to damage rapidly without proper treatment. Jaw pain becomes severe. Teeth fracture is also a possible risk. Before this happens, you need to seek childrens dentist near you.


A child’s disorder will continue to worsen without the needed therapy. One can avoid a series of complications by seeing the required experts. Visit us today at Talent Dental to get proper treatment for your kid’s jaw problems. Our experienced dentists carry out assessments to determine the best treatment procedure. They will recommend the most effective treatment to treat the disorder. Note that dental specialists could recommend invasive or non-invasive therapy options. Either way, your child stands to get the best of care!

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