National Dentist’s day – A History of Dentistry

National Dentist’s day – A History of Dentistry

Apr 01, 2020

Dentists play a significant role in our overall health and well-being. It might be hard to recognize the importance of dentists, but good oral hygiene plays a major role in your body’s health. That is why a national Dentists Day was set on 6th March to appreciate the excellent work of our dentists.

The day is also meant to create awareness about dentistry and remind people of the importance of oral hygiene. Individuals who have dental anxiety and are afraid to visit a dental clinic in Rancho Cucamonga regularly are more encouraged to do so on this historic day.

Where It All Began

The first significant event in dentistry was recorded millennia ago. In 5000 BC, scripts state that tooth decay was caused by ‘tooth worms.’ It’s evident nowadays that bacteria load is the cause of cavities and is easily treatable using fillings.

ADA’s History of Dentistry also cites an Egyptian text called ‘Eberus Papyrus’ (1700 – 1550 B.C) as the first dental textbook. It features notes and quotes about dentistry by legendary philosophers such as Aristotle and Hippocrates.

The book includes notes about the growth patterns of teeth, tooth decay treatment, using forceps for tooth extraction, and wires for keeping fractured dentin and teeth stable. Our present-day technology is substantially based on this knowledge.

Pearly White Experts

History describes the original dentists as barbers. However, the ‘barber’ label was just a brand.

They were specially trained professionals educated to partake in complex surgical procedures. American Dental Association (ADA) dates these events back to 1210 AD. At this age, ‘lay barbers,’ as was referred to them, were available to perform regular hygiene services on ailing patients.

The first ‘Modern Dentist,’ Pierre Fauchard, emerged in 1723 with his book “The Surgeon Dentist, A Treatise on Teeth.” He is considered the pioneer of the modern dentistry we delight in today.

The Frenchman developed an all-inclusive system approach towards dentistry that provided a basis of knowledge to nearly all dental practitioners that came after him.

John Baker is also recognized as the first American to practice trained dentistry in America. This was in 1760, and it comes even before America was declared an independent state.

Development of Tooth Technologies

The majority of dental instruments used in the past were not as sophisticated as today. With technological advancement, though, they have developed to become more pleasant and easy to use.

Some writings describe that most of the currently used dental tools were used from as early as the stone age. It’s not up for debate, but who can argue?

The importance of dentists really came to light in the 17th century when Europe adopted the very first bristle toothbrush. Initially, toothbrushes were twigs or sticks mashed to create a broad cleaning surface on one end.

The same century saw the development of the earliest electric toothbrush. This was marketed in 1880. Nowadays, toothbrushes are easy to acquire and calibrated to suit all your needs based on your condition.

Prosthetic teeth and other dental devices also underwent a massive transformation, with prehistoric civilizations using bone and ivory as material for new teeth. It was not until the 1800s that this craft was discarded, and decayed tooth treatment was only through extraction.

Later in the century, though, porcelain, together with ‘vulcanized rubber’ was incorporated as materials for reinforcing false teeth. From then till date, dental crowns and durable porcelain veneers are used to treat a myriad of dental deformities. Tooth implants are also an easy job with our well-trained Talent Dental dentists.

How to Celebrate on 6th March

The following ways are suggested to celebrate a dentist during national dentist’s Day

  • Show your improved oral hygiene to your dentist. Let them feel the importance of their contribution to your oral health
  • Smile to show off your dentist’s work
  • Take an instant picture and share it on a social media platform to create awareness
  • Send over lunch to your dentist with a bunch of fresh flowers
  • Write them a thank you card appreciating them
  • Buy gifts such as a tooth necklace, tooth key chain, a book, a customized water mug, a colorful poster, a tooth portrait, and much more your dentist might like.

With national dentist Day, it’s important not to engage in unhealthy oral behaviors. Here are a few take-homes dental health tips to help you celebrate the next dentist’s day in the best oral health.

  • Daily floss your teeth.
  • Recognize the importance of dentists and schedule regular dental cleanings
  • Eat a balanced diet and fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid food and beverages likely to corrode your teeth
  • Cut on tobacco use
  • Brush after at least every meal

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