How to Feel Relaxed at the Dentist

How to Feel Relaxed at the Dentist

Jan 24, 2020

Despite your best efforts, dental anxiety can be challenging to overcome. If you are afraid of dental care, you may have unaddressed dental issues that are causing discomfort, leading to further dental complications.

Dr. Matta Botrous and our Talent Dental team offer compassionate care to put patients at ease. Our personable and gentle approach is only part of the solution, as we want our patients to feel positive about dental care. If going to the dentist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA gives you anxiety, consider the following advice for your next visit:

Ask Questions and Voice Concerns

Our dental team encourages patients to voice concerns or fears during dental visits. This allows our dentist to address these worries and gain a complete understanding of how to keep you comfortable when in the dentist’s chair. Dental anxiety can develop due to a variety of reasons such as limited knowledge of the procedure, sensitive areas of the smile, or general discomfort in the dental chair. We get to know patients and build a trusting relationship, allowing us to create a treatment plan that effectively improves your oral health.

We want our patients to be honest with us about their smiles, the pain they feel, or if we are causing discomfort. This way, we can provide a tailored solution. There’s no reason to feel shy or embarrassed as your comfort is our highest priority, and we will listen no matter what the issue is.

Sedation for Anxiety Relief

Sometimes discomfort needs a special touch, which is why sedation can be a transformative option. This puts you in a twilight state, where you are nearly asleep, and allows you to minimize specific details about the procedure such as pain or noise. Before this relaxation method is provided, Dr. Botrous makes sure sedation is safe to use. Many people find that they no longer need sedation after the first appointment, as it allows them to see how efficient our care is.

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Dr. Botrous takes care of anyone who is experiencing discomfort or avoiding attention due to dental anxiety. Our friendly team enjoys providing dental care for beautiful smiles, eliminating any fear that patients may have. Call us to schedule an appointment, or to inquire about our treatments.

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