How Long After Tooth Removal Can You Get an Implant?

How Long After Tooth Removal Can You Get an Implant?

May 01, 2023

Over 5 million dental implant placements occur yearly, making it easy to see why they are popular. Implants are the closest replacements to your natural teeth which last for life. The implant procedure is performed in phases. However, as every patient is unique, the process considers individual needs.

If you must have a tooth or two extracted, you might have questions about how long you must wait before getting an implant. We suggest you continue reading this blog to learn why extractions may be necessary before dental implant placement.

Why Are Extractions Necessary Before Getting Dental Implants?

If you intend to maintain good oral health with the ability to eat, speak, and smile with ease, you need an entire set of teeth. It is why dentists recommend saving natural teeth as best as possible.

Unfortunately, if your tooth is beyond saving, the best alternative is to remove it for replacement with a dental implant. Below are some reasons that necessitate tooth extraction near me.

  • Significant Cavities: Considerably large cavities destroy the tooth structure leaving insufficient support for fillings or dental crowns.
  • Severe Cracks or Fractures: Large cracks or fractures running vertically or involving the tooth root make the tooth unsalvageable to need an extraction.
  • Injuries: your teeth may also suffer irreparable damage from impacts on your mouth in accidents or sporting activities.

How Long Must You Wait After Tooth Extraction to Get a Dental Implant?

Every patient’s time to receive a dental implant after tooth extraction varies. If you have adequate jawbone and are in good physical health, the dentist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, may place a dental implant soon after extracting your tooth. However, in most cases, dentists recommend waiting three to six months after the extraction to allow the tooth socket to heal.

If you decide to wait longer than six months, your jawbone starts deteriorating to become thin and weak to support dental implants. In such cases, you benefit from a bone graft to augment your jawbone strength and prepare it for an implant.

If you have lost multiple or all of your teeth in the upper or lower jaw and also experience jawbone resorption, the dentist will recommend getting all-on-4 dental implants near me to support an entire arch of teeth on a set of dentures. However, every case is unique and depends on various factors like your health status, tooth position, or the presence of infections in your mouth.

It will become challenging for you to determine whether or not you are a candidate for immediate dental implants. In most cases, dentists recommend you wait for ten weeks before having dental implant surgery. After that, a complete examination and evaluation by a surgical specialist is the optimal way to confirm the option that best suits your unique case. However, if you don’t have infections and are in good physical and oral health, the Rancho Cucamonga dentist can place a dental implant in the extraction site soon after the procedure.

Are Dental Implants Worth Waiting?

When you realize you must wait a month before receiving dental implants, you may wonder whether the replacement solutions are worth waiting for. However, your dentist will advise why dental implants are the best tooth replacement solution for several reasons. The reasons are:

  • Dental implants last a lifetime, unlike dental bridges or dentures, needing replacements between seven to ten years.
  • The implant placement procedure succeeds 95 percent, indicating that the titanium post will successfully integrate with your jawbone when you receive dental implants.
  • Dental implants resemble natural teeth because they stimulate your jawbone and encourage jawbone growth.
  • Implants provide the foundation for a natural-looking porcelain dental crown to let you have a beautiful smile.
  • Finally, implants allow you to eat your favorite foods without the risk of slipping and shifting or breakage.

The above description should convince you that dental implants are worth waiting for after tooth extraction. However, as you intend to get implants, you must ensure you don’t delay the treatment beyond the time suggested by the dentist and get the implants soon after the month-long wait. Your enthusiasm to get the implants placed immediately after a month ensures your jawbone does not resorb to make you need additional procedures like bone grafting to lengthen implant placement.

If you must have a tooth extracted and intend to get dental implants as a replacement, kindly request the tooth extraction procedure and implants from Talent Dental, performing both operations at their dental practice. Discuss your needs with them immediately to plan your treatment and get the implants on the same day of tooth extraction or within a month.

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