Five Signs That You Need Emergency Dental Care and What to Do

Five Signs That You Need Emergency Dental Care and What to Do

Jan 08, 2021

How can anyone tell whether toothache or gum bleeding is serious or not? Those seemingly small dental problems can turn into a nightmare if left untreated. That is why it is vital to be vigilant when it comes to your oral health. Pay attention to what you may be experiencing to know if you need urgent dental treatment or not. Below are five signs that can indicate you need emergency dental services.

1. Loose teeth

As an adult, having loose teeth is something to be wary of because your teeth have attained maturity. Loose teeth usually indicate an underlying problem such as decay. When you have severe decay, it can affect the supporting bone and cause the teeth to weaken. Gum infection is another cause of loosened teeth. At times, when your mouth comes in direct contact with an object, your teeth may get dislodged from the socket.

Regardless of the cause, if you notice you have loose teeth (you can shake the tooth), visit our emergency dentist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, for immediate treatment.

2. Bleeding gums

Sometimes our gums can bleed when we use a hard-bristled toothbrush to clean our teeth. The blood is usually minimal and stops immediately. However, when you notice unexplainable moderate to severe bleeding, it could be a sign of gum infection.

Gum disease is a serious oral health dilemma because the infection can spread to the surrounding tissues and cause inflammation. Do not try to treat bleeding at home, but rather visit the nearest dental office in Ontario, CA, for more treatment.

3. Severe toothache

Toothache rarely occurs without a cause. Sometimes, it is caused by food stuck in the gums or mild gum bruising. Mild tooth pain can be handled at home with remedies and pain relievers. However, if you have sharp, persistent pain, it is a sign of a more serious problem like impacted teeth.

4. Swollen jaw

A swollen jaw can be triggered by various factors like TMJ disorder. Temporomandibular Joint connects the skull to the jaw and also allows you to move your jaw with ease. But, when it’s bruised, it can affect the movement of the jaw. Also, the disorder strains your jaw muscles and causes them to swell.

Another cause of swollen jaw is a bacterial infection. Bacteria can get into the salivary glands and block them. This will lead to swelling of the jaw because of saliva accumulation.

The swollen jaw should be treated at the dental office to prevent the infection from spreading.

5. Dental abscess

When bacteria sneak into the teeth, they spread to the roots and between the gums, causing inflammation. The infection will also cause pus to accumulate in the gums (abscess). A dental abscess can cause pain and also swelling. But, more than that, if not treated early, it could cause the bacteria to affect the surrounding tissues.

Visit a 24-hour emergency dentist when you notice pimples forming on the gums.

What to Do?

When a dental emergency occurs, how you handle it will make all the difference.

  • Seek urgent treatment immediately

This is crucial, especially for knocked-out teeth. It is vital to visit the emergency dentist within an hour after the accident occurs. It is easy for the dentist to save your teeth if treatment is started early.

  • Keep the mouth clean

Proper hygiene is crucial even in an emergency. Rinse the mouth with warm water to get rid of any broken pieces of teeth and dirt. You can also use an antibacterial mouth rinse to keep bacteria away.

  • Reduce swelling

In most dental emergencies, your gums and lips may swell. You can control this using a cold compress. Place an ice pack on the affected area for 15 minutes (avoid putting it on direct skin). Repeat this three times for effective results.

  • Control the bleeding

Biting a gauze pad for 10 to 15 minutes can help slow down the bleeding. Alternatively, you can use a teabag for 20 minutes for the same results.

Take Action

When a dental accident occurs, visit Talent Dental, and our dentist in Rancho Cucamonga ca be able to assist you.

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