Five Oral Issues Dental Veneers Can Resolve

Five Oral Issues Dental Veneers Can Resolve

Oct 01, 2021

What is the first thing people notice about you when you come across them? Apparently, it is your smile, and it is pretty challenging to feel your best when your smile doesn’t appear the way you like. However, you don’t have to sit back and live with your imperfect smile. If you contact the dentist in Rancho Cucamonga, the experienced dental professional provides a wide range of cosmetic dentistry solutions to help improve the appearance of your teeth by correcting any imperfections that prevent you from smiling.

A favored cosmetic dental procedure of the dentist helping you change your smile significantly in placing dental veneers on your teeth. Dental veneers made from porcelain or composite resin are adequate to cover the front surfaces of your top front eight teeth. These surfaces are customized explicitly for your teeth to improve their appearance and that of your smile. Let us explain how veneers function to convince you why you must have them over your teeth.

How Do Veneers Function?

Dental veneers are thin surfaces of porcelain or composite resin that dentists attach to the visible areas of your front teeth to hide dental imperfections. When creating a natural appearance and a comfortable fit, the dentist makes your surfaces according to your teeth contours. In addition, veneers are available in different colors enabling dentists to brighten your entire smile or merely match the color of a single tooth uniformly across your mouth in a single color.

If you want to correct your dental imperfections with veneers, you must have your teeth evaluated by the dentist, checking for signs of tooth decay and gum disease. If you have severely damaged teeth, you may receive a recommendation for dental crowns instead of veneers.

Before getting veneers, you must endure tooth enamel removal past the dentin if you are selected porcelain veneers and must schedule at least two to three visits to the dentist. Intensive enamel removal isn’t necessary if you want to have composite resin veneers, and the procedure is completed in one visit. You receive temporary veneers after preparing your teeth and taking impressions for the dental laboratory to customize your surfaces. You must revisit the dentist for placement of permanent veneers after around three weeks. You must revisit the dentist for placement of permanent veneers after around three weeks. The dentist removes the temporary veneers and checks the color and fit of the permanent placements before eventually cementing them to your teeth, hiding all the dental imperfections you displayed earlier.

At the end of the treatment, as you settle your dues with the dentist and prepare to walk away from the office, you may wonder whether dental veneers indeed provide the mechanism to hide the oral issues you faced. In that case, letters look at the five points veneers resolve when you have them over your teeth.

1. Veneers Prevent Teeth Staining

Discoloration of the teeth is comfortably removed by teeth whitening treatments which isn’t practical for all types of discoloration. However, if you have intrinsic discoloration from dental infections like root canals, veneers help restore the tooth’s appearance by concealing it effectively.

2. Chips, Cracks, or Breaks

If you have a damaged tooth in the aesthetic zone of your mouth, veneers are durable to cover and protect the chipped or cracked portion of your tooth while fixing your smile simultaneously. Dentists can place a single veneer over the damaged tooth or all your front teeth if you desire an entire smile makeover.

3. Gaps

Gaps between your teeth because of orthodontic issues make it necessary for you to undergo treatments with braces in a lengthy process lasting three years or more to achieve the desired results. However, custom-made veneers conveniently hide the gaps between your teeth to improve your smile in a couple of visits you schedule with the dentist.

4. Uneven Teeth and Minor Misalignment

If your teeth are uneven or have minor misalignments, dental veneers can help you hide these issues comfortably, enabling you to have the smile you desire. However, if the problems affecting you are significant, you may have to undergo orthodontic treatments before considering these surfaces.

5. Wear

Worn teeth are not merely a cosmetic concern because they also cause tooth sensitivity leaving you susceptible to chipping, cracking and breaking your teeth. If you choose a cosmetic dental procedure like veneers, you enable yourself to protect your teeth from additional wear and tear, leaving you with a long-lasting solution to your dental issues.

As can be seen, dental veneers don’t just improve the appearance of your teeth and smile but also correct various oral issues that affect your dental health.

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