Dental Implant Benefits and Their Amazing Features

Dental Implant Benefits and Their Amazing Features

Nov 01, 2020

For nearly a century, people with missing permanent teeth had but one option to cope with their loss. They had to rely on dentures or bridges, which worked well but were inferior replacements for missing teeth. The replacements were better than having nothing in the mouth, and the best they could do was cause embarrassment and discomfort.

Today if you want replacements for teeth lost due to injury, decay, or infections, you can look for dental implants in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, as the most authentic replacement for natural teeth. Not only are dental implants permanent, but they can also recreate a symbiotic relationship between your tooth root and your jawbone. The interaction is crucial to prevent jawbone resorption over time. However, dental implants don’t offer just one fantastic benefit. Given below for your understanding are more features of the services dental implants provide.

Implants Are Permanent and Natural

Dental implants offer a permanent replacement for your natural teeth. Although bridges and dentures replicate your tooth crown, which is the visible portion of the tooth, they are incapable of replacing the tooth root.

Dental implants are the only solution that replaces the natural tooth root. The titanium post inserted into the jawbone integrates with the bone tissue similar to the natural tooth root. The integration provides a stable and permanent base to absorb and transfer the stress of your teeth and face when eating and speaking. This is a feature lacking indentures to cause many problems that denture wearers encounter.

Restoring Eating and Speaking Ability

When affected by missing teeth, your digestive circle also gets affected because you cannot chew food properly. If food isn’t being broken down in your mouth, the stomach and intestines must work differently to process the food. Dentures are capable of restoring some of this functionality but with restrictions on challenging chew foods. Slipping dentures also affect the way you speak and form words. Thankfully dental implants prevent such occurrences to ensure your chewing and speaking abilities are restored entirely, and you won’t face any embarrassment.

Facial Features Preserved

Loss of permanent teeth eventually results in the collapse of your cheeks. The longer you delay the replacements, the more pronounced the collapse looks. This is a result of bone resorption because you don’t have tooth roots. Permanent implants prevent destruction because of the loss of teeth and bone tissue.

Long-Lasting and Successful

Dental implants have moved into the mainstream, and success rates are soaring as innovations accumulate. The process for dental implants is becoming versatile and reliable. Caring for your dental implants is not different from caring for your natural teeth. With excellent home care and regular visits to the dental office in Ontario, CA, for exams and cleanings, dental implants last much longer than any other tooth-replacement solutions.

If you fear you need dental implants for every missing tooth, you must think differently and discuss your needs with the dentist in Fontana, CA. You will be surprised to know a single implant is capable of supporting multiple crowns, and therefore the need for having one implant for every missing tooth is eliminated. Advances in dentistry now make it possible for you to have an entire arch of teeth on your upper or lower jaw with just four implants.

The procedure for having traditional dental implants is intensive and time-consuming. Still, if you need dental implants in an emergency, you can discuss your requirements with the dentists who offer you emergency dental implants to have replacement teeth within an hour. Therefore you can rest assured implant dentistry has advanced immensely and can satisfy your need for replacement teeth according to your choice without leaving you at the mercy of dentures or dental bridges.

It would help if you thought about replacing the missing teeth when you lose them without wasting time. Time lost results in bone resorption, making you vulnerable to orthodontic issues and other dental problems. Replacing your teeth without proper thought results in an improper investment requiring replacements every 5 to 10 years. Rather than face any consequences of a wrong decision, why not decide to invest in dental implants, offering you a permanent replacement not just for your teeth but also the tooth root? We are confident the dental office in Ontario, CA, will convince you about the authenticity of dental implants. Are you prepared to discuss dental implants with them?

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