Can You Replace an Extracted Tooth with an Implant?

Can You Replace an Extracted Tooth with an Implant?

Mar 01, 2024

Losing a tooth can affect your smile, chewing ability, and oral health. While tooth extractions are sometimes necessary, you don’t have to live with a space in your smile. Tooth replacement option offered by dental implants near you serves as good as your original tooth in terms of appearance and functionality. Keep reading to learn if you’re a candidate for a dental implant after extraction and what the procedure involves.

When is a Dental Implant Recommended After Extraction?

Dental implants are often the best therapeutic choice following tooth removal. Implants are a popular choice because they:

  • Prevent bone loss that occurs after losing a tooth
  • Don’t decay like natural teeth
  • Restore full chewing and biting power
  • Are the most natural-looking and functional replacement option

In many cases, your dentist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, can fix a dental implant to replace your extracted tooth in a single procedure. This avoids a temporary restoration between extraction and implant placement. Your dentist will advise if immediate implant placement is possible based on the following:

  • Amount of bone present
  • The health of surrounding teeth
  • Overall oral health

If an immediate implant isn’t feasible, a waiting period of 6-12 weeks allows your jawbone to heal before implant surgery.

What is the Dental Implant Procedure to Replace an Extracted Tooth?

The implant process involves two phases – surgical placement and the visible crown portion attachment.

First, your dentist will surgically embed the titanium implant screw into your jawbone. The implant fuses securely with your bone during healing over 3-6 months.

Next, the abutment and custom-designed crown are attached to the implant post. The abutment supports the new crown, and the crown restores the visible part of the tooth. Your dentist matches the crown color, shape, and size to your natural teeth.

You are placing an implant soon after extraction, which shortens treatment time. But either way, you’ll regain a complete tooth that looks and works just like your own.

How Long Should You Wait to Place an Implant After Tooth Extraction?

Ideally, your dentist near 91730 can place the implant immediately after extracting your tooth. This single-step approach has a high success rate and lets you avoid a gap in your smile.

However, every case is unique. If same-day placement isn’t possible, your dentist will wait 6-12 weeks before implant surgery. This allows enough healing time for your bones and gums to stabilize—proper healing results in better implant integration and positioning.

Waiting too long after losing your tooth can cause bone loss and may require a bone graft before placing the implant. That’s why your dentist will carefully determine the optimal timeframe for your situation. Be sure to follow their recommendations for extraction aftercare and implant timing.

What Factors Determine the Success Rate of a Tooth Implant?

Several factors influence the success and longevity of your dental implant:

  • Bone health and volume– Implants require adequate bone mass to anchor properly. Lacking bone may need grafting first.
  • Oral hygiene– Poor hygiene increases infection risk. Diligent brushing and flossing around the implant are vital.
  • Smoking– Smokers have a higher implant failure rate. Quitting before and after surgery optimizes success.
  • Chronic conditions– Diseases like diabetes can impair healing. Your dentist will consider any health conditions.
  • Implant material and type– Titanium is the gold standard. Your dentist will choose the design and size suited to replace your tooth.

Follow all your nearby dentist recommendations for maximizing the longevity of your implant. When properly placed and cared for, implants have 95% success rate and can last for your entire lifetime.

Could a Dental Implant Provide a Permanent Replacement for Your Missing Tooth?

Today’s advanced dental implants are designed to provide a permanent, stable replacement for your natural tooth. Your implant can last for many decades with adequate bone mass and proper oral hygiene.

The implant’s durability comes from fusing with your jawbone, like tooth roots. This creates a solid foundation to support chewing and biting forces. The customized crown mimics a real tooth for ideal function and natural aesthetics.

Compare this to a removable partial denture that needs to be removed and may loosen over time. For most patients needing to replace a single tooth, a dental implant provides the closest thing to the real deal.

Extracted a Tooth and Considering an Implant? Call Talent Dental Today!

If you’ve had a tooth extracted or will soon undergo extraction, explore replacing it with a life-like dental implant. Talent Dental provides dental implants and tooth extractions near you for patients in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and surrounding areas. Call us to schedule your consultation. Or request an appointment online to get started on regaining your beautiful, complete smile.

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