All on 4 Dental Implants: Brand New Smile in One Day

All on 4 Dental Implants: Brand New Smile in One Day

Mar 01, 2020

Tooth loss used to be considered a very stressful and irreversible change in life. However, massive technological strides have been made within the dentistry field, particularly in the area of teeth replacements.

For several years dentures were regarded as the only viable solution for teeth replacement. Advancements, however, have paved the way for a more convenient missing teeth treatment known as all 4 dental implants.

All on 4 dental implants in Rancho Cucamonga is a surgical missing teeth treatment that involves surgically inserting four titanium dental implants into your jawbone firmly. These titanium bits then act as a support base for a fixed bridge of teeth implants, usually ranging from about 10-14 teeth.

This tooth implant procedure is used to treat edentulous patients and patients whose teeth have been compromised from severe tooth decay and periodontal diseases.

4 dental implants allow patients to have entire sets of upper and or lower teeth replaced using prosthetic teeth bridges that have a natural look and feel.

This tooth replacement option has been nicknamed “teeth in a day.” Because as a patient, you can walk into the dentist with severe tooth loss and leave from your dental appointment the same day with a full set of teeth and a brand new smile.

The All on 4 tooth Implant Procedure

Your tooth implant procedure will commence with a detailed evaluation of your current jawbone structure. This will be done using a Cone Beam CT Scan.

This CT scan will generate a 3D image of your teeth and jawbone structure that will be utilized to virtually map out the entire implant procedure, without having to avail yourself of a physical examination at your dentist’s office.

The CT scan ensures that the measurements needed, of both your jawbone and the surrounding surface that will be used to hold the implants will be accurate. The virtual model also will help your oral surgeon to plan for a safe and precise surgical process adequately.

After observing your scans and ascertaining that this missing tooth treatment is ideal for you, your dental surgeon will schedule your implant surgery.

On the day of your procedure, you will be sedated at the beginning of the surgery using either local anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia to ensure that you are calm and comfortable during the entire process.

Your dental surgeon will proceed to strategically fix four dental implants in your jawbone, along the area that would typically be occupied by the root portions of your missing teeth.

These 4 implants will ensure that the prosthetic bridge is held firmly in place and will have the natural arch that your teeth have.

The four titanium implants are divided into two, each pair placed at the front and the back of the affected jawbone. Those at the back are positioned at an angle to rule out any future bone deficiencies or anatomical challenges.

Inserting each arch will take approximately 2-3 hours. Your dental surgeon will then place a temporary teeth bridge on your freshly added implants, which will enable you to eat and smile as you heal from the surgery.

Not to worry, this temporary bridge resembles your soon-to-be permanently set teeth that will be installed after your jawbone has fused with your titanium dental implants and healed forming a reliable root system for your new teeth.

The healing process will take 6-8 months, during which you will be on a soft food diet for several weeks before being integrated back gradually into solid foods.

When your dental surgeon has confirmed that your jawbone has healed, he will set you up with your permanent bridge.

Benefits of All on 4 Dental implant

The benefits of all 4 dental implants may include

  • You can eat what you want – you do not have to adhere to any dietary restrictions, as is the case with denatures. These implants can handle any food type you may desire to have because they are firmly held in place
  • Improved look- missing teeth cause bone deterioration resulting in facial sagging and an aged appearance, these implants remedy that and give you a youthful look.
  • They are a permanent solution for tooth replacement- they do not require any repair work or replacement as dentures do.
  • No bone grafting is necessary for the procedure
  • The implants are easy to maintain- do not require any special care other than regular flossing and brushing.
  • Rapid transformation is guaranteed within a few months.
  • The implants are so natural-looking and not awkward at all.
  • They are firmly held in place and will not shift or fall out when least expected.
  • They boost your confidence- no need to hide your smile.

All 4 dental implants are available at a dental office in Ontario CA. You can visit us today at Talent Dental and begin your journey to transform your smile into an impressive feature.

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