5 Benefits of Dental Bonding

5 Benefits of Dental Bonding

Oct 01, 2020

Different dental processes rely on the application of a foreign substance on your teeth to fix them. In both restorative and cosmetic dentistry, it is not uncommon for a dentist to solicit such services from different oral appliances, ranging from dental crowns to dental bonding.

With dental bonding near you, a dentist can realize multiple improvements in the appearance of your teeth, which is why bonding is a big part of cosmetic dentistry.

What Is Dental Bonding?

It is a dental procedure that involves adhering a tooth-colored resin material to the teeth. The resin material is usually in a putty-like form, making it easy to apply. After applying it, our Rancho Cucamonga dentist shapes it to match the shape of your teeth.

When Is Dental Bonding Used?

​Dental bonding near you is a versatile procedure, often used in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Modern tooth bonding procedures can reshape, recolor, and repair damaged teeth. Some of the cases where composite bonding is used include:

  1. Reshaping teeth – whether they broke, thinned out, or are unusually shaped, you can visit a dental office in Rancho Cucamonga to have your teeth reshaped with dental bonding. This includes usually short teeth, and teeth that are too pointy or too rounded.
  2. Recoloring teeth – teeth discoloration happens to many people, especially as they age. The stains on your teeth can be covered with a tooth-colored resin material and hardened appropriately to improve the color thereof.
  3. Closing gaps between teeth – some of the gaps that exist between your teeth can best be treated through orthodontic treatment. However, with teeth bonding measures, your dentist can still close up the gaps between your teeth effectively.
  4. Repairing damaged teeth – damage to teeth can come in many forms, ranging from dental decay to broken teeth. Many of the damage that harms the structural soundness of your teeth can be treated through oral bonding procedures.
  5. Can be used as a filling – the resin material used in dental bonding can be used as a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings. This provides you with a more appealing solution, compared to the use of silver dental fillings.

Core Benefits of Dental Bonding Treatments

Tooth bonding remains a high-value procedure in both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. It is the process that allows you to enjoy a fully restored tooth, without the rather long dental processes. The core benefits of these treatments include:

  1. Versatility – the resin material applied to your teeth can be manipulated effectively to serve different purposes in dentistry. Some of the cases mentioned above so how much tooth-bonding procedures can be relied on in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.
  2. Quick fix – the process of teeth bonding is short and easy to accomplish. The only requirement is a resin bonding material that closely matches the color of your natural teeth, and a special light to harden the resin. The results you want can be achieved within minutes of visiting a dental facility. It beats the long dental process you may have to go through otherwise, ranging from root canal therapy to orthodontic procedures.
  3. Cosmetic advantage – the resin material can be matched to the color of your natural teeth, hence improving the appearance of your teeth. Besides, by altering the shape of your teeth, the procedure ensures you have a uniform beautiful smile.
  4. Relatively non-invasive measures are taken – when compared to alternative procedures like dental veneers are crowns, dental bonding is the less invasive treatment. The resin material is usually placed directly over your existing dental enamel. Ideally, only a dental roughing gel will be used to prepare the surface of your tooth for better adherence. This is better, compared to having the enamel of your teeth trimmed to create room for another oral appliance.
  5. Affordability – the strain on your finances will not be felt as much when you consider bonding procedures. Having that the process is usually brief and simple, the teeth bonding costs are also significantly lower than of other procedures like crowns. Besides, masking the different flaws in your mouth saves you the need of undertaking other long procedures like orthodontics that take time and cost more money.

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